About Tori’s Treasure Haul Online

As a person with over number years  of experience in exciting world of business. I have gain great confidence to add a little of my  flavor by making customers feel more appreciated and being able to voice there opinion which will not be ignored. Too often customers  have been treated unfairly and have been ignored, I speak from experience.  I believe it’s time to treat customers the way they deserve to be treated. The world of business has grown vastly through technology. I have been led to experience the online world of business on countless occasions. I am one you can consider a frequent online shopper since I am always on the internet shopping and looking for products that meets the eye. Shopping online is an experience that is convenient, especially for any busy  Man or Woman who finds it hard to get inside a store after busy work or errands. I am always  amazed  at how technology has made shopping so easy. Being a woman of great style has always led me  to many compliments and questions of where I purchase my clothing and jewelry . I had a great passion and determination to let people have an opportunity to enter the world my fashion and style . So in September 2016 I  decided to share my style by starting my own business  to give people to opportunity to dress like a celebrity of choice for an  affordable cost, or for those who just want to find there own style. With  little money to spare I started out small, by first  selling to close friends and families which was great, everyone enjoyed the beauty of fashion jewelry and clothing.  Eventually my determination to be more successful led me to  rent a stall at the flea market in Brooklyn, there I saw great progress. I was even more determine to share the beauty of my fashion and style with everyone.  My determination fostered into motivation to act on my dream to share my style of great fashion jewelry and lovely garments which as helped me to define beauty and to create my own website  “Toristreasurehaulonline”. This accomplishment  gave me the opportunity to go global and  show everyone that a simple compliment  can inspire you to do great things. Welcome to the world of a  woman with big dreams  and waiting to share them with you.